Meet Our Patients

Shalini Tandon
Age: 40
Before wt. 135 Kg             Now : 68
Testimonial :  Myself Mrs. Shalini Tandon who was suffering from a severe obesity for a long time, Dr. Pradeep Jain and his team gave me life, my mobility turned 140 kg human into two-first half about 50% weight loss. It was the greatest gift that Dr. Pradeep Jain and his team gave me. Even my family couldn't give me such a gift, ever in my life. Now i can walk, run, dance, do whatever I feel like.

He gave me confidence, away to live a remarkable life. I can't ever forget Dr. Pradeep Jain and his whole team and offcourse the Fortis Hospital ever in my whole life. He has rewinded my old college days. I would always respect him as a father figure. I would also give an equal credit to Neetu Mam. She hold my finger and took me to that way on which today I am walking or would say i am running.

Kapil Chadha
Age: 37
Before wt. 137 Kg             Now : 85
Testimonial : I believe Dr. Pradeep Jain & team is one of the Best Doctors of India. I am highly grateful to him for his best Medication/treatment and his sincerely and concern shown towards my patient. May God bless him and his team. All the Best to Dr. Pradeep Jain

Shilpa Sharma
Age: 28
Before wt. 140 Kg             Now : 88
Testimonial : It was a great experience to be with known of Dr. Pradeep Jain. And this drastic change with me and in my life by reducing weight and I am very enthusiastic and positive towards life with the help of this surgery. I am very much thankful and obliged to your team. It was pleasure to be with you.

Age: 28
Before wt. 116 Kg             Now : 58
Testimonial : Excellence Dr. Pardeep Jain with efficient team with him, patient friendly and service with a smile. Dr. Jain is very calm and pleasing that his presence makes the patient confident that he/she will be alright.

Kiran Chandwani
Age: 30
Before wt. 132 Kg             Now : 68
Testimonial : Dr. Pardeep Jain and his team is in one word awesome.In details team is puntual, caring, understanding feeling emotions, give thrie 100 percent about rules and regulations and all other fetails of various department. Over all it was a wonderful experince. Thanks


It is very important to follow the recommended dietary guidelines after undergoing bariatric surgery. The diet after weight loss surgery were carefully designed by your health care providers with the goal of limiting the amount of calories you consume while providing balanced meals that help prevent nutrient deficiencies and preserve muscle tissue. Diet plays a major role because of your reduced appetite and reduced body weight. The diet after weight loss surgery is divided into series of progression which will be explained by the concerned dietician.