HEPATOBILIARY > Laparoscopic Partial Hepatectomy for HCC

Patient and Port position: Patient placed in modified Lloyd Davies position
Pneumoperitoneum created by veress needle through 10 mm Supraumbilical skin incision which was later on converted into 10mm camera port.  5 mm epigastric, 5 mm right   and 10 mm left midclavicular line ports, 5 mm left anterior axillary line ports were made.

Initial step is to visualize all quadrants of peritoneal cavity, liver surfaces and for ascites.
Liver Parenchymal marking for wedge resection of the tumor was done. Liver parenchyma dissected 2cm beyond the tumor margin using harmonic scalpel. Hemostasis achieved by using cautery and ligaclips. Biliary radicals coming in between were also clipped by ligaclips. Opened up biliary channels were suture ligated. Specimen retrieved by small incision.