Another Milestone in Winning over Cancer

( Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC )

Just Pronouncement of word "Cancer" brings shivers in mind. Generally it is believed that chances of cure are only in early stage of cancer. But in certain situations even stage IV cancer are curable as we see in large intestine cancers with Liver Metastases. Some times there is diffuse spread of cancer on Peritoneal Surface (Inner lining of Abdominal Cavity) in advanced cancer of colon, Appendix, Ovaries, Stomach and Primary malignancy of Peritoneal Surface (mesothelioma). Peritoneal Surface cancer generally do not fare well on conventional intravenous chemotherapy. In last few years there has been an increasing trend around the world to treat there cancers aggressively with help of cytoreductive surgery (in which all the cancerous disease including involved organ and Peritoneal surface is done by complete striping) and heated chemotherapy is instilled in abdominal cavity cavity at a particular rate delivered by a specialized machine for over 60-90 minutes. The cytoreductive surgery reduces all gross disease from the Peritoneal cavity and heated chemotherapy penetrates deeper in the surface to take care of microscopic disease. This leads to increase cure rate from the cancer with reduced systematic Complications of Chemotherapy.

Dr. Pradeep Jain (Director, Dept of Lap GI, GI Onco, HPB, Bariatric Minimal Access Surgery Fortis Hospital Shalimar, Bagh Delhi) and his team is performing this surgery. These surgeries are quite aggressive and requires comparatively younger and fit patients but also can be done in fit elderly patients. Recently an elderly lady (68 years old) who had Perforated Cancer of Appendix with pseudomyxoma peritonie had undergone this surgery (CRS+HIPEC) which lasted for 6 hours. She had remarkable recovery in the post operative period and was discharged on 8th Post operative day accepting full oral diet. She will now receive few cycles of intravenous chemotherapy for cure.